Take it out of the water

Pulling that big fish requires some practice, but after the first catfish will already know what to do. If there is such a possibility and we hung really good fish seems to swim in a flat river. Then we will have a place in abundance and possible errors will be less painful. The best practice seems to be catching on lower jaw. Remember that you need to protect your hand with a special glove or some other material. You can also use the typical “shtukarskiya” technique to catch under the gill covers. But do not lift the fish vertically, holding it only for jaw or gill covers. Its weight without the support of water can damage internal organs. Just leave aside his stick and hold the belly of the fish with the other hand. Since pulling big fish can be stretched in time before release give her time to recover. It is enough to keep it in a natural position (in the water of course) in which current scoring water into her mouth. Never do it in the opposite direction, because it can damage the delicate gills of fish. Your booty will give you a sign when it is ready to sail to freedom. Dispose trophy fish to be able to provide us with unforgettable memories as long as possible.