Catfish-ing tips

Use the right gear
fish to be fished in waters. I use sticks with a length of 2 m to 2.7 m with a share of the haul between ’20 and ’80 for short and “delicate” rods reels choose low profile, and the longer rods set spinning reels size 3000-4000, always reliable advance. Either use fiber strength 15-20 kg. Overall this is a kit that covers most of a “healthier tackles for pike.” Of course, if the pond is technically more difficult (submerged trees and other obstacles) or we have to stop power growing fish, then we can use and more powerful gear. But still used kit now provides us with a little finesse and battle makes us happy. Remember this for the long tungsten or fluorocarbon occasions – during the battle catfish often wrapped in twine and their teeth shape characteristic “scraper” that can frayed unprotected fiber.
The time has come to abandon
The myth of the big lures
All catfish that we caught this year krankove of 6-8 cm. I wonder why so many big fish attack so small artificial lures? Well, it turned out that our catfish feast on crabs and snails. We tried with larger lures, but no result. Super performers and floating and sinking 6 cm Hornet of Salmo. They have a good, aggressive play and when driven at the correct depth are extremely effective. Proven are also 8 cm Perches, Bulhead 6 cm and 7 cm Minnow, all from SDR versions of Salmo. Color has a lower priority, although I bet a lot next season as colored crabs Hornets SDR 5 cm. On a relatively long line (40-60 meters), said wobblers reach 4-6 meters depth. The speed with which they are kept, although the tide must be sufficient to feel the lure of the game. When you know the depths in the basin, release the bait slowly to check if it works properly. Do it until you start to feel the lure to scrape the bottom from time to time. Then cut along a little with the help of sonar displays, you’ll know that your lure is in the most desirable area close to the bottom. When you drag a friend and looking for fish, good practice is to use different installations. Leave one lure to oblavya deep water, and the other in the middle class. Fish food in areas where it can find its prey and despite popular belief, it is possible to attack the catfish in the upper layers, and in the middle of the day even surface. If you try different depths, will soon discover his preferences. Here’s another tip for newbies in fishing for trolling. Place your bait near the boat and then release the fiber. During haul to spin the assembly, and due to the large distance to the bait, often unable to recognize his mistake. Release the bait near the boat and no longer waste time with fruitless tow.