Fishing for catfish

For many years I wandered fishing for catfish on the preserve of top fishermen – those for which ordinary fishing medium fish longer they delayed, and those in search of strong impressions and emotions are turned from ratings fishing in pursuit of the true king of the freshwater pools. This impression was reinforced in addition and absolutely magnificent descriptions of fishing for giant catfish on the river Ebro, or drop Volga. And by the way, what reasonable person would have hunted fish larger than himself !?
Perhaps I still believe in this belief for some time, if I had not caught his first one-meter catfish during a fishing trip for white fish. Although my opponent does not belong to trophy fish of its kind, impressed me very light tackle because I used. Not the next day I knew no sense to dream about two meters monster. It will be enough if you regularly catch catfish around 1 m. A season spent in the search, but now I know it was worth it. My pond is 20 minutes away from home, which is not unimportant, because I’m going to catch quite often. In fact, the largest catfish caught there does not exceed 1.5 meters, but whether regular catch 10+ kg fish is reason to worry?
Finding reservoir
The first condition to catch them is of course to have catfish in the lake. It seems that medium and large rivers are optimal. In lakes, even if they exist, their number often reduces our chances of regular catch. There is a confirmed rule that when compatible with the pond, it is better to visit for short periods more often than not, but for longer. To learn the habits of catfish worth your pond as possible, often at different times of the day. On the river I had my best results in the summer mornings between the hours of 7 and 10. In two other cases, earlier or later, hit the fish are rare. Of course it is possible that your reservoir those hours are totally different. Good practice is to start with the selection of the reservoir based on the information of the local fishermen. They know best where large fish breaking tack on unprepared colleagues. I found my catfish of inconspicuous, several hundred meter straight section of the river, near the dam. At the bottom there were several holes and bumps and depth not exceeding 5 m. I admit that you can catch these fish from the shore, but the effectiveness of trolling is much higher. Plain sonar helps in rapid detection of curves on the bottom, next to which our predators hunt.